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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry
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Little Smiles Should Be Whole Too

Children’s Dental Professionals has a full range of restorative services to get any kid smiling and feeling great again.

We do everything we can to preserve your child’s teeth. Even when cavities are large, we take every step possible to prevent the need for an extraction. New teeth do not immediately replace a lost tooth. Sometimes it can take years before a new tooth grows in to replace a baby tooth. This can not only affect your child’s confidence and ability to chew comfortably, it can also cause the remaining teeth to shift and move to fill in the gap. Preserving space for the new, adult tooth is crucial for positioning and allowing the permanent tooth to come in properly. If a tooth must be removed because of decay, infection, or other problems, we will place a space maintainer to protect the space for new teeth – and protect the smile!

We offer:

  • Sealants to protect teeth from decay.
  • Fillings to repair cavities.
  • Crowns to repair cavities and tooth damage.
  • Nerve treatments and pulpotomies to keep bacteria from spreading inside the tooth and preserve infected teeth.

Tell. Show. Do.

Before we start procedures, we take plenty of time to talk to your kids in terms they understand and show them what we are going to do before we do it.


Over the years, we have learned how kids talk, and we have tailored our explanations to meet their communication needs. Our doctors know that kids respond better to treatment when it is explained in terms they don’t find scary or threatening.

Here are some examples of how we like to phrase things when talking about procedures in kid-friendly terms – and we ask that you use them too!

Instead Of: We Say:
Needle or Shot Sleepy Juice
Drill Whistle
Pull or Yank a Tooth Wiggle a tooth out
Decay or Cavity Sugar Bug
Drill on a tooth Wash a tooth
Examination Count the teeth
Tooth Cleaning Tickle the tooth
Explorer Tooth Counter
Rubber Dam Raincoat

The language is not designed to fool or trick your kids. Instead it helps them better understand that we are not trying to hurt them and that they can feel safe and relaxed. This makes any procedure easier.


Kids learn by touching! We let children touch almost everything in our office. Showing them how the “Whistle” will feel on their finger, for example, shows them that it tickles and vibrates. So, when we say we are going to wash the sugar bug off, they understand.


Everyone on our staff is gentle and compassionate. By the time we have talked to your child and have shown them what we are going to do, your child is relaxed enough to trust us. This lets us restore the tooth back to ideal strength and function.

I like going to the dentist because she makes sure I don’t have any sugar bugs!

- Holly