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Sedation Dentistry Wichita

Sedation Dentistry
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Safely Keeping Kids Comfortable

Most of the time, kids do very well with a little local anesthesia and can get much of their work completed with no trouble at all.

However, some children are very fearful about doctor visits and have trouble laying still for treatment. Sedation dentistry is a great alternative because it allows us to complete the treatment in a safe and timely manner. Sedation dentistry can let us gently help even the most fearful child get all the care they need for the healthy, strong, and long-lasting smile they deserve.

We will monitor your child while he or she recovers. Of course, you may spend time with your child during this recovery time so he or she continues to feel relaxed and secure.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry and how it might benefit your child, please call our office.

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