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Early Dental Care

Early Dental Care
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A Lifetime of Health Starts Now

Parents ask us all the time, “When should I bring my child in for his first visit?” Our general guideline is at one-year, or six months after the first tooth appears. A good start prevents future problems.

Will My One-Year-Old Cooperate?

You’d be surprised at how cooperative little kids can be, even when they aren’t initially cooperative, or if they cry. This is a natural reaction for a young child to cry when something unfamiliar is happening. It does not necessarily mean that they are frightened or hurt in any way. This is part of their learning process. We usually have them sit on your lap, where they feel the safest, lean them back, and do an exam and tooth counting. The really important thing is getting a look in their mouths and checking to see that all teeth are developing well and that there are no signs of decay.

Building Good Relationships

We want the first visit to be as much fun as possible. We have a lot of experience working with very young children, putting them at ease, and making sure they are comfortable. We are setting up their expectations for what a trip to the dentist will be like and we hope that expectation leads to a lifetime of good oral health

Education and Home Care

We take plenty of time with you demonstrating how to brush your child’s gums and teeth, learning about their habits, and discussing what and when they eat. This is one of the most important parts of your child’s first visit. We take our jobs as educators very seriously. We discuss how to prevent future problems, inform you about risks for dental decay, and show you ways to care for your child’s teeth at home.

My kids ASK to go to the dentist! How awesome is that?


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