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“Baby” Teeth

“Baby” Teeth
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The Importance of Primary Teeth

The primary, or “baby,” teeth play a crucial role in dental development and intake of proper nutrition. Your child cannot chew food properly and will have difficulty speaking clearly without them. Primary teeth are also vital to the development of the jaws and for guiding the permanent teeth into place. If these teeth are lost, it can change your child’s bite or cause crowding and that can have consequences for the permanent teeth, even leading to the need for orthodontics.

Development of Baby Teeth

Your child’s teeth begin forming before he or she is even born! You will usually begin to see those teeth at around six months, but they may start pushing through the gums as early as three months.

Primary teeth stay in for much longer than you may think. In fact, baby molars stay in the mouth until your child is between 10 and 12, and keeping the first set of teeth healthy, this sets the stage for long-term oral health.

Here Are Some Things to Remember About the Development of Your Child’s Teeth:

  • Most of baby’s primary teeth should have erupted by the time he or she is three years old.
  • Baby teeth usually begin to fall out by the time your child is six years old. Your child’s six year molars will start to erupt around this time.
  • Baby molars remain intact until your child is between ten and 12 years old.

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