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Soothing the Pain

teethingYour child’s first tooth will come in when he or she is between the ages of 6 to 12 months, but teeth can begin to erupt as early as three months. Teeth can continue to erupt up to three years of age. Over time your little one’s gums and mouth may be tender while teeth are erupting.

Symptoms of Teething

While some kids seem to have teeth appear without any pain, others have a little bit of trouble while their teeth are breaking through the gums. Symptoms of teething include:

  • Increased drooling
  • Rash on face or chest
  • Biting on fingers or toys
  • Refusal to eat or drink
  • Increased fussiness or crying as if in pain when there seems to be no cause

How to Soothe

Of course, parents want to do all they can to soothe baby when they are experiencing pain. When children are teething, we recommend you stick to teething rings, children’s Tylenol or children’s Motrin.

We do not recommend any numbing agents, such as Orajel. Gels and liquids can cause a rare but serious disorder called methemoglobinemia.

Soothing Tips:

  • Gently rub or massage the child’s gums with a clean finger.
  • Keep teething toys and gel-filled rings in the refrigerator. The cold is especially soothing.
  • Allow your baby to chew or suck on a clean wet washcloth.

If you have any questions or concerns about your baby’s teeth please call us or phone your physician.

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