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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Wichita, KS?

Our trio of board-certified experts give your family the attention and care they need.

Dr. Pringle (Parr) with a child patient inside the dental office while showing her a toothbrush

A pediatric dentist has extended their knowledge and skill with 2-3 more years of dental school. During this time, our dentists have studied and gained experience working with infants, children, adolescents, and special needs patients. Learning how to adapt and treat this specific group of patients is truly invaluable and brings a variety of benefits to the patient and their family. These include:

  • Specially designed treatments
  • Kid-focused dental care
  • A practice specifically designed for kids
  • A team experienced in working with children
  • An understanding of how to care for children and special needs patients
Dr. Pringle (Parr) with a child patient inside the dental office while showing her a toothbrush
Four children in the dentist's playroom playing with different toys

We are not your standard pediatric dentists in Wichita, KS. We are so much more! It is our passion to see children and special needs patients enjoying their dental visit. Nothing fills us with more joy to see kids laughing and smiling while we educate them on the importance of oral health.

Every dental visit is typified by our superior quality of care and commitment to your child’s health. We take time to get to know your child, listen to their needs, and clearly explain our recommendations. We offer a safe and amazing experience to help ease any nerves and reassure you before any treatment. Our Wichita dentists can’t wait to care for your smiles.

Smiles, Giggles, and Laughs
These are the three joys that fill our office!
Our assistant playing with a little girl in the dentist's chair
We Help Your Child Reach for the Stars!
Our assistant playing with a little girl in the dentist's chair

At Children’s Dental Professionals, LLC, we have three top pediatric dentists who are all board-certified. Together, they make up our dream team and lead our group of professionals to real success. Our dentists have instilled a patient-focused approach that our team closely follows so your family can experience the highest standard of care. Meet our children’s dental professionals:

Every aspect of our office has been uniquely designed to make your visit, both comfortable and entertaining. We know that when kids feel good during their dental visits, they’ll want to come back.

We look forward to showing you how we go above and beyond for your family!

Become a Professional Smiler
See some of our happy, healthy patients!
A child laughing inside the dental office while lying in the dentist's chair and next to him is the doctor showing him a container while wearing blue gloves
A woman inside the dental office hugging a baby while in the background she sees a little girl playing with a toothbrush
A little red-haired girl in the dental office dentist's chair looking up while the dentist approaches an appliance to check her teeth
The doctor inside the office with a child who is lying in the dentist's chair smiling while pointing a light on his teeth
Your Comfort Specialists
Children thrive in our office and actually look forward to their dental visits!
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Less Anxiety

In addition to making our office comfortable and kid-friendly, our experts are experienced in sedation dentistry. They are able to offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and also work with an anesethsia group and two local hospitals.

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Gentle Touch

With an emphasis on patient comfort, we have superseded the standard by ensuring each treatment caters to your child’s comfort level. With less discomfort comes a more positive view of the dentist and bigger smiles all around.

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Fun & Games

From our TV and iPads to our fun office personnel, your child will enjoy playing and laughing throughout their visit. We use the “Tell. Show. Do.” technique so your child feels a part of their appointment and has fun along the way.

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