Your Child’s First Visit

Eliminate nerves and feel confident about dentistry from the get go.
What to Expect at Our Office
We all work hard to keep children comfortable at every moment when they are in our care.

Our office has been designed to engage, entertain, and care for kids. Both of our waiting rooms have magical trees with iPads, touch-screen games, and an Xbox inside! Each exam chair has an overhead TV for children to enjoy.

Our Wichita, KS pediatric dentists are very skilled at communicating with even the smallest child and take plenty of time to ease them into this very important first visit. Remember, if your child does cry, it is a normal reaction to an unfamiliar event and does not mean that he or she is in any pain or discomfort.

If your child is old enough to be interested, we will show them around the office and explain the instruments we use. This takes the mystery and fear out of the dental objects and quickly puts kids at ease. This common show, tell, do approach has proven to instill a positive outlook in children and make them feel part of their dental experience.

Our team genuinely loves kids and takes a special interest in each child, making them feel comfortable and special.

Let's Take a Look Around

Our Wichita dentists use modern technology for accurate diagnosis and easy to understand treatment recommendations.

Young patient laying in a treatment chair and wearing sunglasses while looking at Dr. Pringle (Parr)

When it is time to start the exam process, we usually have your child sit on your lap, where they feel the safest, then lean them back and do an exam. Older or more confident children will sit in the dental chair as we carry out the following:

  • Evaluation and teeth counting

  • Assessment of potential risks and habits

  • Take digital x-rays (lower radiation)

  • Professional cleaning and demonstration of proper brushing techniques

  • Fluoride treatment (as recommended)

After the examination, your doctor will showcase their findings and discuss your child’s oral health needs. Next, we’ll devise a treatment plan (as needed) and explain your financial options.

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Kids Love Us, Just Ask Their Parents

I will not take my kids anywhere else. The hygienists are patient, friendly, and professional. Dr. Frazier and Dr. Pringle (Parr) are amazing! My kids actually enjoy getting their teeth cleaned!

Amber S.

I love that the doctors will present information and recommendations without any pressure and I can decide what will work best for our family. I tried out many dentist offices and do not mind driving 30 minutes to get the best care for my kiddos.

Kristin A.

Before we switched to this office my daughter who is nine had anxiety about going to the dentist. She now has no trouble going because of how patient and sweet everyone is. They take the time to explain everything to her.

Randi D.

Dr. Mariah Frazier has been my boys dentist for several years. She and the staff have done an amazing job at explaining procedures, calming fears, and providing excellent care. I have and will continue to recommend them to all my friends.

Kayte P.

Why Choose Children's Dental Professionals, LLC?

Adapting to the needs of all children so they can enjoy their dental visit.
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Board-Certified Professionals

Superior quality care is the norm at our office. We have three board-certified pediatric dentists who combine their skills to give your child exactly what they need. Whether you have a baby or are a carer to a special needs patient, you can rest assured our team knows how to create healthy, happy smiles.

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Always Gentle & Caring

As moms ourselves, we can relate to common dental anxieties or uncertainties. This is the primary reason why we have designed our visits so that comfort and education are paramount. As a team, we pride ourselves on partnering with you as a parent and offering a safe and amazing experience.

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All-Inclusive Care

As a Wichita pediatric dental office, we provide first-class services to infants, adolescents, teenagers, and patients with special needs. Our goal is for as many people as possible to attain supreme health and develop long-term healthy habits. We make your visit easy and accessible at every turn.

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