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Dr. Walker in the dental office with a child who is being sedated with Nitrous Oxide

Most of the time, kids do very well with a little local anesthesia and can get much of their work completed with no trouble at all.

However, some children are very fearful about dental visits and have trouble laying still for treatment. Sedation dentistry is an excellent alternative because it allows us to complete the treatment in a safe and timely manner.

Sedation dentistry can let us gently help even the most fearful child get all the care they need for the healthy, strong, and long-lasting smile they deserve.

We will monitor your child while he or she is sedated and recovers. Of course, you may spend time with your child during this recovery time, so he or she continues to feel relaxed and secure.

Kid-Friendly Sedation

We offer two comprehensive and effective options.
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Nitrous Oxide

Our trained professionals administer this mild form of sedation via a nasal hood. The nitrous oxide is gently inhaled and provides your child with a relaxed feeling of well-being and calm.

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In-Office IV Sedation

For more complex restorative procedures, our Wichita pediatric experts work with an anesthesia group called Special Anesthesia ServicesOpens a new window to the official website, who visit our office and lend their expertise. During this deep sedated state, your child is closely monitored and will sleep through their treatment.

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General Anesthesia

On occasion, a more complex procedure may require your child to be treated under general anesthesia. Our team is prepared for such circumstances. We partner with Via Christi – St Francis’sOpens a new window to the website and Wesley’s Children’s HospitalOpens a new window to the website to provide top-quality hospital care.

Kids Love Us, Just Ask Their Parents

They explain everything they are doing and what it may feel like. We have seen all of the dentists here and they are all very friendly and helpful. We drive across town for our appointments and it's well worth the drive.

Brooke G.

We have been there many times and have always had a great experience. They offer excellent customer service, they always explain things very well, and provide a fun environment for the kids.

Melissa W.

We had an appointment last week for my 2-year-old's first dental cleaning, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience! Would definitely recommend!

Bailie C.

The staff here is fantastic. Especially for procedures other than cleaning. They really calmed and talked my child through every step.

Kylie B.
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