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Little smiles should be whole too.
Helping Kids Smile Again

Our pediatric dentists in Wichita, KS offer a full range of restorative treatments.

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Sometimes children need restorative dental care too. Dr. Walker, Dr. Frazier, and Dr. Pringle (Parr) offer a number of procedures to save or protect your kiddos teeth. We offer:

  • Fillings to repair cavities
  • Crowns to repair cavities and tooth damage
  • Nerve treatments to keep bacteria from spreading inside the tooth

We do everything we can to preserve your child’s teeth. Even when cavities are large, we take every step possible to prevent the need for an extraction. New teeth do not immediately replace a lost tooth.

Sometimes it can take years before a new tooth grows in to replace a baby tooth. This can not only affect your child’s confidence and ability to chew comfortably, but it can also cause the remaining teeth to shift and move to fill in the gap. Preserving space for the new, adult tooth is crucial for positioning and allowing the permanent tooth to come in correctly.

If a tooth must be removed because of decay, infection, or other problems, we will place a space maintainer to protect the space for new teeth – and protect their smile!

Tell. Show. Do.
We know how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Before we start procedures, we take plenty of time to talk to your kids in terms they understand and show them what we are going to do before we do it.

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Tell: We Speak Kid

Over the years, we have learned how kids talk and have tailored our explanations to meet their communication needs. Our doctors know that kids respond better to treatment when it is explained in terms they don’t find scary or threatening. For example, we might refer to a drill as a “whistle” or an extraction as “wiggling a tooth out.”

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Show: The Power of Touch

Kids learn by feel! We let children touch almost everything in our office. We show them how the “whistle” feels on their finger, so they can see that it tickles and vibrates. Kids can also explore the treatment room so they become comfortable with their surroundings.

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Do: Let’s Get to Work

Our entire team is gentle and compassionate. By the time we have talked to your child and have shown them what we are going to do, your child is relaxed enough to trust us. This lets us restore their tooth to its ideal strength and function.

Frenectomy Evaluation
The treatment of tongue and lip ties.

Our pediatric dental specialists are trained to evaluate for lip ties, buccal (cheek) ties, and anterior/posterior tongue ties (tethered oral tissues). We complete a comprehensive oral examination, as well as discuss possible functional limitations that your child may be experiencing.

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In our office, a frenectomy is performed with a highly precise, soft tissue laser. Our doctors prefer the laser revision due to the minimal bleeding and excellent visibility provided. A weight-based amount of local anesthetic is delivered to ensure the most comfortable procedure possible. What’s more, our team will review post-operative pain control, stretches, and recommendations for follow-up care.

This specialist procedure produces several benefits:

  • Improvements to nursing, speech, and feeding
  • Improved resting tongue position, leading to proper jaw growth and better tooth alignment
  • Improvements in tongue mobility
  • Reduction in tooth grinding, clenching, TMJ symptoms, and neck tension

After the procedure, we keep the tissues separated to help prevent healing back together, or reattachment. Our caring dentists will provide you with clear instructions and monitor your child’s progress during follow-up visits.

We also provide aftercare instructions to help facilitate healing and development.

A baby lying in the dental office being checked by one of our specialists
Kids Love Us, Just Ask Their Parents

They are very attentive! I am thankful for the awesome ladies that took time out of their work schedule to help me with my kids! I highly recommend Children's Dental Professionals!

Jonathan O.

We can't say enough about how much we love this office. We primarily see Dr. Frazier and we adore her. All four of our kids (ages 3-9) look forward to their dental appointments every time.

Jonathan H.

I feel so fortunate to have been recommended to the practice from my dental provider! They understand kids and parents alike and have an outstanding staff.

Molly F.

They were so polite, accommodating, explained everything very thoroughly, and took great care of us. My son slept through the entire thing, and we had immediate improvement with feedings.

Jessica C.
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